Here I Am

After my freshmen semester in college I was pretty sure I wanted to teach middle school, maybe high school. Through a series of events, I found myself in a preschool class as the teaching assistant. Six months into the year, the teacher quit and the director offered me the teaching position. Six years later, I’m still teaching preschool, and loving almost every minute of it. (I haven’t found a way yet to truly love loads of unnecessary paperwork or occasionally handling the kids’ gross bodily fluids.) Teaching middle school might be amazing, and maybe one day I’ll give that a go, but right now I’m incredibly happy in early childhood education.

I teach one of four preschool classes in our public schools. One class is a SPED preschool, two are located together on a campus, and then there’s me. I teach the inclusion preschool class at a lower elementary (K-2) campus. For the most part, I love it. As long as the best practice guidelines and benchmarks are met, I have free reign in conducting the class. One of the most difficult things about my particular position though, is that I have little to no contact with other preschool or pre-k teachers. I miss out on the opportunities to bounce ideas off others or piggyback off other great ideas. Thank goodness for the internet!

For a long time, I have lurked about on some great sites, soaking in all the fabulous ideas, chuckling along with the funny tales, and commiserating with the difficult situations. I’m not sure why I decided that now is the time to join the fray, but for better or worse, here I am.


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